Welcome to the rebirth of The Philadelphia Evening Post

For over 200 years it’s been absent from the Philly scene… until now. Revived, rebranded and rebooted, The Philadelphia Evening Post has re-emerged as a free vintage themed magazine in the city of Brotherly Love that shares the stories of Philadelphians throughout many generations.

This bi-monthly publication is dedicated to the preservation of Philly’s history, its heydays, and its current revitalization. From the birth of the nation to the present day, we thrive on readers feeling a sense of nostalgia and community with our magazine as we hope to portray the big city as a close-knit hometown.

We honor the history of our city by providing unique, personal perspectives, stories and memories through photos and writing, hoping to become a vital part of the Philadelphia community.

The Post seeks to uplift and inspire, making people proud of the city they’re from, live, work and visit. With a history as unique and rich as ours, this publication can’t help but attract everyone – from the millennials who swoon over Philly’s “cool factor” to the generations who made it cool in the first place. The Post bridges any generation gap.

It’s our responsibility to captivate readers with engaging narratives about the past, present, and future of the city, but the magazine wouldn’t be complete without the perspectives of our readers who share their own accounts of “what once was” in the city of Brotherly Love, thus encouraging photo and story submissions.

With its distinguished look alone, The Philadelphia Evening Post differs from daily and weekly publications because each issue is made to last. Published every two months, just six times a year, The Post is, by nature, designed as a keepsake for readers to hold onto and collect long after they’ve flipped through its pages. Why is that important? As each issue lingers weeks, even years after its been published – so do the ads.

Supported solely by ad revenue, our advertisers are our family. Without them, we don’t exist. It’s our job to make sure those businesses benefit from our presence in their community. That’s why we encourage our readers to shop, eat, and play local.

The Philadelphia Evening Post is exclusively distributed to establishments that advertise with us in addition to being spread thin throughout the city’s coffee shops, cafes, libraries and schools. Aside from publishing quality work, serving the community is one of the magazine’s top priorities. From volunteer work to supporting the efforts of nonprofits, The Post and its staff strive to be a positive influence on Philadelphia.


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