Comments from our readers + clients 

“A goldmine of Philly talent, history and pride” @casoakfel, Rittenhouse

“Visually stunning” – Walter, Norristown

“Finally, a Philly publication with visual intelligence. Bravo!” – Zachary, Center City

“Absolutely terrific! Thank you from someone who left Philly 40 years ago, swearing never to return. And now here I am, swearing never to leave. Your fabulous Philadelphia Evening Post is yet another reason I have hope for this city — and I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm, your effort, and your achievement” – David Skolnick, South Philly

“I’ve already gushed how much I love this paper and am so excited of it’s existence and continued growth of its readership!” – Betsy Spivak, advertiser, Fishtown

“A friend of mine, a Philly cop, is always telling the rest of us tales of the city’s past. He’s on a mission to make sure anyone who calls himself a Philadelphian, whether a native or not, understands the city’s culture and lives it (which, among other things, means never eating chain restaurant pizza). You are doing in print what he does by telling us tales in bars. Which is pretty cool” – Joseph Lindsley, Philadelphia Inquirer contributor, Fairmount

“Someone put a copy of The Philadelphia Evening Post in front of me this weekend, and I was absolutely blown away. The art, the writing, the overall aesthetic: I love it. It has the intimacy and localism of a ‘zine, but it’s presented and laid out in a gorgeous way by people who clearly know what they’re doing and care very much about it. In a world of ironic detachment and click-bait, it warms me to see a publication that’s properly curated and thought about” – Dan Drago, Engineer/Producer of Philadelphia’s 25 O’Clock Podcast.

“I enjoyed the first issue so much, I wish it were next month already to read the next” – Sean, Northern Liberties

“What a find!! Thanks for your work!” – Melissa Callahan, Rockaway Park, New York

“I am a big fan of your publication and have voraciously read each issue. As a historian, I have used the Victorian-era Evening Post as a research tool and I was excited to see one of our city’s oldest publications revamped in a way that’s both visually and intellectually pleasing. Your publication is refreshing and inspiring- I hope to read many issues in the future.” – Mikaela Maria, The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia 

“I’m already in love with The Philadelphia Evening Post and we’ve only spent about 3 minutes together” – Kimberly, South Philly

“It looks great, really striking honestly” – Pete, Fishtown

“This is the best publication in Philadelphia. Ever” – Neil Benson, longtime Philadelphia photojournalist, Center City + West Philly

“When I saw The Philadelphia Evening Post for the first at Mariposa Food Co-op, I was absolutely enthralled. Finally, an independent newspaper that not only has incredible visual appeal, but contains relevant perspectives and community driven stories” – Erin Clark, University City

“I Love it. I spent 4 years in the Philly area during my Jr High days and fell in love with the City of Brotherly Love. It is so very cool to hear what you have done. I was enthralled to hear about it. Some things find me and this was one of them. I’m so very happy to know that you are there and doing the things good people do. Thank you!” – Stephen A. Karnes, Fort Worth, TX

“I’d love to save all of these for years to come. Love what you’re doing!” – Ray Hummel, South Philly

“I really like it! It looks awesome” – Devin Cohen, Center City

“We admire your publication and appreciate the focus on Philadelphia’s neighborhoods” – Yael, Queen Village Neighbors Association 

“Came across the 2nd issue of The Philadelphia Evening Post at a recent show at Underground Arts. Was immediately drawn to the size and cover photograph especially. After reading the issue, cover to cover, I would like to pass along my praise, thanks, and a job well done to you and your staff. I will definitely be on the lookout for future issues. They say that the more things change, the more they stay the same, and this is true in that we still like having something that we can call our own, flys a little under the radar, and speaks to what we are interested in. Your paper does all of this in my opinion. The articles were insightful, interesting, educational, and relevant to the area” – Chris Wagner, Fairmount

“I could not be more pleased at the layout. The issue looks really good. Lots of really cool articles to read…you are truly making such a valuable contribution to the awareness of this city, well done!” – Patrick Crofton, Center City

“I feel as if the opportunity to write for The Philadelphia Evening Post would be a bridge to discovering and sharing more about this city that so many of us love” – Paul Gorman, Cedar Park

“I think it’s great what you and your staff are doing for this great City of Brotherly Love” – Danny, Southwest Philly 

“I was very excited with the revival of The Philadelphia Evening Post and have been an avid reader since” – Kristi Petrillo

“I picked up a copy of The Philadelphia Evening Post today at Milk + Honey Cafe and was so drawn to the idea of ‘celebrating your story'” – Lindsey Snyder, Director of Marketing at Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture, West Philly 

“I’ll get right to it. I picked up a copy of your paper at the Chestnut Hill Coffee Company the other day, and I was blown away by the style and content of the issue. It’s something I want to be a part of. The paper has weight, and the stories make me feel more connected to the city. Original content and design gives me a feeling when I read it that I would never get from a screen” – Emily Schwarting, Chestnut Hill

“What a great publication! I am enjoying the edition and am looking forward to seeing it grow and build a readership base!” – Susan Murphy, Port Richmond

“I picked up The Philadelphia Evening Post at the High Point Cafe on Carpenter Lane this morning and was immediately intrigued and impressed. Props to you on a job well done!” – Amy Cohen, History Making Production’s Director of Education, Mount Airy

“I picked up a copy of The Philadelphia Evening Post and I’m delighted with my company’s ad!” – Michele Sokoloff, advertiser 

“This paper is awesome!!” – Latoya, South Jersey

“I just wanted to drop a line and lend some support to what I think is a great idea. I’m a long time Philadelphia resident and think that the history in this town lends much to our collective personality” – Nick Petryszyn, Fairmount

“I love the format and style” – Taylor Gregory, Manayunk

“Just picked up my first copy of your wonderful new publication. Your emphasis on stories, friendships and the production values of the magazine itself are such a welcome sight” – Jospeh Brin, Queen Village

“I am so proud to show off this paper to friends and family elsewhere” – Jill Schmehl, Northern Liberties 

“This is a big fan of what you’re doing all the way from India. Thank you for printing your magazine instead of just letting it hang out on the web. Keep up the great work!” – Shubhankar Adhikari, Kolkata, India

“I want to thank you for what you’ve created. I just saw my first issue, and your second, at Mugshots in Fairmount. Looking forward to getting my hands on each edition. I applaud what you are doing — especially the way you incorporate the great and often neglected history of this fine city, one of most livable, intriguing places in the world” – Joseph Lindsley, Fairmount

“I think what you’re doing with The Philadelphia Evening Post is fantastic. It’s great to walk into coffee shops, restaurants, and see a stack of new Evening Posts. I love the communal, for-the-sake-of-others spirit” – Dominic Laing, Northern Liberties

“I emailed you because I’ve stumbled across The Philadelphia Evening Post. I saw it in one of the coffee shops I work at. The cover caught my eye, because of how genuinely old fashioned the layout is. I was expecting it to be a local newspaper but I was astonished at how crafty and cool the magazine really is” – Danielle Cassis, Fishtown

“I recently came across your publication by chance, and what a happy stroke of chance it was. As I watch Philly changing, I see so many holes to be filled by people creating things that are uniquely Philly” – Philip Carroll, South Philly

“Wow! I love what you’ve created” – Steve Urbish, Center City

“What you and your staff are doing with the The Philadelphia Evening Post is truly something special, fine tuned to exactly what I think our intergenerational city wants and needs to see represented at this time” – Ian Roseen, Mt. Airy 

“I picked up a copy of The Philadelphia Evening Post at North 3rd restaurant this past weekend and I’m glad I did. The well designed cover and size of the paper caught my eye. It feels great in hand too and was a pleasure to read. Great layouts throughout. Thanks for helping revive this newspaper and congrats on a job well done! I’m looking forward to future publications” – Jack Wilcox, Northern Liberties

“So sick! Seriously the best thing I’ve seen in the city in a long time. Really cool!” – Kyle, Northern Liberties

“Every city should have such a wonderful, historical publication” – Jill Bourget, Malibu, California

 “I am very excited by the appearance of The Philadelphia Evening Post. I have since become enlightened and hope to play a part in assuring its success” – Gregory Cherry, Manayunk 

“I love everything about this. How could someone not want to be a part of this? I’m all in” – Betsy Spivak, Advertiser, Fishtown