Why Advertise with us?

Published 6x a year, over 75,000+ issues printed annually

Widspread Distribution:

The Philadelphia Evening Post is distributed to businesses that advertise with us. This keeps our readership locally driven and hopefully benefiting the businesses that support us by having to stop by participating establishments to pick it up. It’s also spread thin throughout Philadelphia’s coffee shops, cafes, libraries and schools to 350+ locations in and around the city.

Free Website Ad Space:

Who doesn’t love free? This is a feature often paid for by advertisers that our magazine offers at no extra cost. Advertisements can be seen both in print and online.

Social Media Promotion:

Businesses who advertise with The Post are top priority when it comes to the magazine’s social media sites. As one of the most organic forms of publicity, social media literally puts the name of local businesses right into the hands of potential customers. If a business has a deal or event that needs an extra push, let us know and we’ll post it to our audience.


The Philadelphia Evening Post is designed to last longer than the average daily or weekly publication. We make our magazine durable and aesthetically pleasing in both look and rich, timeless content so readers collect them and keep them around in the house or in the office for others to enjoy.

Dear Potential Advertiser +

Who are we? The Philadelphia Evening Post is a free vintage themed magazine produced by people influenced by the past, but with a finger on the pulse of what’s relevant. We’re a bi-monthly publication dedicated to the preservation of Philly’s history, its heydays, and its revitalization. Published every two months, just six times a year, The Philadelphia Evening Post’s reach extends from the millennials who swoon over Philly’s unique “cool factor” to the generations who made it cool in the first place: From Ben Franklin to Will Smith. The Philadelphia Evening Post differs from daily and weekly publications because each issue is a collector’s item that’s made to last. Why is that important? Well, as each issue lingers weeks, even years, after it’s been published – so do your ads. As a publication supported solely by ad revenue, our advertisers are as important as family. Without them, we don’t exist. Our job is to make sure those businesses benefit from our presence in their community. That’s why we encourage our readers to shop, eat, and play local. A few of our key advertising features include exclusive distribution to businesses who advertise with us, promotion through social media, and free website ad-space. Our goal is to become a vital part of the Philadelphia community. From Olde City to Fishtown, University City and Manayunk to Queen Village, Center City, South Philly and beyond, we have you covered. We focus on all things vintage – our magazine is filled with everything from history and nostalgia, personal stories and photos to current events, art, and culture. We look forward to building a lasting relationship with your business.

Sincerely +
Josh Kinney
Editor / Publisher 

The Philadelphia Evening Post

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