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It costs less than $5 a day to advertise your business in The Philadelphia Evening Post. Yup, that’s it. One Starbucks specialty coffee.

For less than $5 a day, your business is not only seen, it’s promoted on three fronts for the price of one.

First up: High-quality, keepsake print magazine with a two month + shelf life. The Post is designed to last a whole lot longer than daily or weekly publications. People tend to keep and collect The Post, using them for coffee table books at home and the office as well as gifts. Unlike other publications that are either not picked up or thrown out, The Post is set apart, visually striking and durable so people are not only picking it up and seeking it out, establishments are putting it out on display and people are cherishing their copies, looking at them time and time again, showing their friends and family. Not many people do that with the daily or weekly newspaper now, do they?

Next: Online. Not only is the entire magazine online, we also link every business that advertises with us and where the paper is distributed. The link goes directly to the business, driving people to the websites of our advertisers. The magazine is being viewed by hundreds every week and thousands each month online, which means so are your ads.

Lastly: We go out of our way to promote our advertisers on social media. We repost as well as create our own posts to encourage followers to check out and support the businesses that support us. We do this not only by sharing specials, deals, promotions, events, products and sales, but also by finding and creating images with text, specifically pointing people to our family of advertisers, individually. We are proud to say that we are the only publication in Philadelphia that offers advertising on three fronts for the price of one, and the only one that specifically uses social media to promote our business family.

Bonus: We also design ads completely free of charge. This is something most people have to pay ad agencies and graphic designers for, but we package it with our advertising. So, why haven’t you joined our family yet? The Evening Post has plenty of Brotherly and Sisterly love to share.

Besides, it’s less than $5 a day.

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  1. I Love it. We are a Street Newspaper in Fort Worth, Texas. I spent 4 years in the Philly Area during my Jr High days and fell in love with the City of Brotherly Love. It is so very cool to hear what you have done. I was enthralled to hear about it this morning. Some things find me and this was one of them. Im so very happy to know that you are there and doing the things good people do. Thank you.

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